The Dragon Creature is the twelfth Mutraddi creature sent by General Modula to Earth to find Ilana, Lance & Octus. It made it's first appearance in Disenfranchised.


Shortly after the Dragon Creature landed it was engaged by Titan. Titan could not cut the beast with the sword due to the creature's agility and Lance manifested a weapon in the form of a Kusarigama called a "Cronus Chain" and easily took the creature down. Later in the episode during a concert of the band Disenfranchised at the park the head of the dragon creature revived and tried to attack the crowd & band. Ilana and Octus were able to defeat the creature themselves since Lance couldn't join. Lance had to break General Julius Steel's theory that the trio are connected to Titan. Octus used a Manus hologram in Lance's place to make it seem that the trio were fighting while Lance was playing in Disenfranchised. Eventually Ilana and Octus finished off the creature for good by firing at its tongue before it could get another laser out causing the trapped energy to overload and destroy the Creature.


The Dragon Creature is an elongated, serpentine creature covered in sickly green fur and sporting two pairs of short, muscular limbs. Its face is particularly bat-like, with an over-developed nose and singular nasal cavity. Its jaws are broad, with sizable teeth, and its red eyes sit in two pairs. A pair of short horns sit on its brow, while its lower jaw possesses a pair of whiskers.





Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The Dragon Creature can fly in the air while spitting out fire from it's mouth. The Dragon Creature can also survive several severe wounds as the creature continues to fly around and attack Titan even thought it had been sliced 5 ~ 7 times. It is only when the Cronus Chain is used to slice the Dragon Creature in half (from the head to the rest of the body) that the creature actually dies.



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