"Disenfranchised" is the fifteenth episode of Sym-Bionic Titan. It debuted on March 2, 2011.

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Lance learns how to play the guitar, and General Steel sends a spy to Sherman High, convinced that whoever is behind Titan is at the school and Lance, Ilana and Octus become Steel's prime suspects. A dragon-like Mutraddi, which was defeated earlier by Titan, comes back as a severed head during a concert but is destroyed by Ilana and Octus with a hologram of the Manus armor, to give Lance an alibi with the General being at the concert.


The episode begins with Disenfranchised, a band playing at Sherman High School. However, when they are, everyone except Lance leaves. Lance starts to like their music, and purchases a guitar. Though he starts off-tune, he perfectly plays it. Octus and Ilana see him doing so, but then he leaves. Meanwhile, General Steel sends a spy into the school to find out who's behind the Sym-Bionic Titan. Though Steve has trouble finding any suspects, he bumps into Octus, noticing he acts weird unlike the other students. He then proceeds to follow him around as his first suspect. During a cooking class, Octus (And Steel) notice a Mutraddi creature coming through the rift gate. This causes Octus to drop (and break) his cooking bowl, and uses his bathroom excuse to leave to find and defeat the Mutraddi, though Steve uses this excuse too, to find out what Octus was doing. He follows him around trying to find Lance and Ilana. Then he tricks Steve into going in the girl's bathroom! Meanwhile, Ilana is playing a soccer game with her friends, and Jason proves to suck at soccer. Lance is on the seats, playing his guitar, when he receives a call from Octus to meet him in two minutes. Later, the three are seen formed into Titan, where Octus tells him what he did. They find the creature in a forest, whereas they fight it. Their weapons seem too weak for it, until Lance shows off the weapon "Chronius Chain". He says he learned it during his chronius exploration back at Galaluna. Using the weapon, they successfully defeat the dragon creature and return to the school, not knowing they didn't defeat it ALL THE WAY. Meanwhile, Steve talks the students into telling any action that happened to the school to find more suspects. The students talk about events that happened in Showdown at Sherman High. This leads to Steel learning that Lance, Ilana, and Octus are suspects. Lance was playing with his guitar again with Ian, and Lance decides to join them. During this, the G3 Team picks up all of the pieces of the dragon that was defeated by Titan. Lance comes to the Disenfranchised's house. Ian introduces him, and they play a song by Lance who wrote the music. That night, Ian asks if Lance wants to join them on a stage in front of an audience. He agrees. The next day, Octus continuously talks about Steve who is watching him all the time. Lance tells the two that he is playing with the band in a concert tonight. Though he was only saying this to Ilana and Octus, others hear him. When he goes, multiple girls tell Ilana if what they heard was true. When Ilana says yes, they run away, squealing in delight. Octus then continues to tell Ilana about Steve. Ilana thinks he is just ordinary, but when she tells Octus to copy her movements, she notices Steve is, too. Ilana then tells Octus to interrogate Steve to know what he's doing. When he learns Steve is a soldier working for Steel to find out who's behind Titan, Octus threatens to make him leave. And he does. Later, during the concert, Steel sends more soldiers to watch the three. Octus notices the creature is back, and Ilana follows. Steve sees this, and tries to get him and Steel to follow them, until Octus creates an illusion of him and Ilana watching the concert, tricking Steel and Steve. Lance tells Octus what is going on, and Octus responds that the creature's back, though Ilana tells Lance to stay on stage. Octus then creates a hologram of the Manus armor to give Lance an alibi during the fight. With this, Steel then falls for the holograms and decides the ones behind Titan are NOT them. As the concert is done, Octus and Ilana defeat the creature. The next day, the band decides that they are only popular because of Lance, and kick him out. Lance tells the two about this, but Ilana insists he is still a good musician, and then gets the idea of starting their own band at the "Galactic Trio". And as Ilana is talking about what roles the three can play, the episode ends.

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