Quote1SHUT-UP PUNK, I'll ask the questions!Quote2
Detective Blutosky to Lance while interrogating him in Roar of the White Dragon @ 12:21

Detective Blutosky is a detective for the Sherman police department. His main enemies included Mike Chan and Lance. He later caught Mike Chan and arrested him for various reasons.

Roar of the White DragonEdit

Detective Blutosky's first appears was in the 5th episode, Roar of the White Dragon. Detective Blutosky is a long time detective and has been chasing down a street racer/gang member known only as "The White Dragon" (a.k.a Mike Chan).

The detective has been after Mike Chan for a long time. He is even willing to ignore some of the rules to find him, as he is caught by Ilana keeping Lance in custody for over two hours with no probable cause and on actions that are based on hear-say. He eventually succeeds in catching Mike Chan after he crashed his car in a hole during the Long Limb Monster attack and arrests him on various charges (does not say specifically), however, he was expecting up to 5 ~ 6 years in prison.

The Fortress of DeceptionEdit

He reappears in The Fortress of Deception, investigating a mysterious incident of a car crashing into a shop with no clues as to who or what was responsible.


  • Detective Blutosky is a reference to Bluto, from Popeye. [1]

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