Dark Shaman to Ilana & Lance in Shaman of Fear @ 09:06

The Dark Shaman is a Mutraddi creature that was sent by General Modula to Earth to find Ilana, Lance, Octus and torture them with their worst nightmares.


The Dark Shaman's presences is not known to Ilana, Lance, and Octus for a while. When Octus notifies the duo that something has arrived via the Rift Gate the go and investigate the crash, however, when they reach the object and touch it they lose all memories. Octus is not able to recount what happen while Ilana and Lance are having terrible nightmares.

The Dark Shaman can hide in the darkest corner and can blend in with his shadows, which is the reason why it made it hard for him to be detected by Octus when he scanned the house. Eventually Octus reviewed his video captures before he went to sleep and noticed the Shaman in a dark hidden shadow behind Ilana's door. His powers don't seem to work on Octus mostly preferably because he is a robot. He also has a large staff of his that can produce a strange energy in which he uses for fighting.

Once Ilana and Lance conquer their fears and snap out of their dreams they defeat the Dark Shaman.


The Dark Shaman is a median height Mutraddi with a bony red body and glowing blue eyes. He has a squid like face with six tentacles around his mouth and a pointy chin. He covers him self in a shadow like cloak and carries a large "mystical/magical" staff out of wood.





Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • The Shaman can enter or manipulate peoples dreams
    • The Shaman is able to either force people to live their worst nightmares, such as forcing Ilana to see her father's dead body among the ruins of Galaluna or alter them as needed, such as inserting vicious beasts into Lance's memory of his father's disappearance. In addition the Shaman is capable of rendering the victim unconscious and unresponsive as long as they are not made aware of the dream-state. The dreams themselves may perhaps be fatal as it is assumed that when Ilana was about to be 'Killed' by the vision of her father as he taunted her about abandoning Galaluna she would have "died" in reality as well either from the psychological shock of the event or believing she had actually been stabbed.
  • The Shaman can also report himself to locations.


  • The Dark Shaman is the second intelligent Mutraddi sent to Earth.

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