Corus in Escape To Sherman High

The view of the Corus.

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If Ilana is in dire trouble, she can activate the Corus armor system. The Corus is a bionic exo-frame that uses amazing speed and agility to overcome her various opponents while in battle. It is unknown who the creator of the Corus is, but once inside Corus, Ilana can use a variety of energy manipulating abilities such as lasers, repulsor beams, and electrostatic shields. Corus also scans its enemies by using the matalinc lines on the back of its head. The Corus is a part of the Sym-Bionic Titan, known as the heart. The inside view of the Corus is a magenta-purplish color of computerized lights.

As Ilana's is the only Corus unit seen (so far), it may be exclusively made for her. Ilana's Corus does seem to be more advanced than Lance's Manus-suit, as it is much smaller yet makes more extensive use of advanced technology like lasers and energy shields (while the Manus series uses more conventional ammunition). However, it is obviously defensive in nature: it does not possess the extensive array of projectile and melee weapons the Manus possesses, relying more on it's shield generator. It is designed to keep Ilana safe, and allow her to ward off attackers, rather than mount attacks. This becomes drastically evident when the Corus is overloaded and forcibly deactivated twice during the events of "the Steel Foe": the first was due to a brutal handswipe from the Mutraddi creature that sent her crashing through a skyscraper, and the second was due to the onslaught of the HMER's weapons during Lance and Ilana's attempt to escape Steel's base.


  • Laser rays: Small laser rays that shoot from the middle of the headplate of the Corus armor. It appears to not be especially effective on big creatures. But as seen in some episodes it can cause heavy explosions, slice through a tank, and even burn most creatures to a certain degree (eg: When fighting the dragon creature, It only leaves partial marks).
  • Jet booster flight: Used for flight at all types of speed.
  • Binocular vision: As seen, Ilana can zoom in close up on certain things that are at a great distance.
  • Electrostatic Force Field: The Corus comes with a feature where the armor is able to produce a forcefield from most blunt attacks. It is highly recommended in most battles, because it protects Ilana and the team from grave attacks that could put them at risk. It is generated by Electrostatic, and in Family Crisis, it is shown that Ilana's force field slowly dies away after the energy entity absorbs the electricity.
  • Repulsior Beam: A very strong laser beam that is shot from the chest of the armor. This move causes greater damage than the regular laser ray. It takes some time to power up, which can leave Illana vulnerable to attack. (Eg. while charging up to attack Xeexi with this move, Xeexi had an open shot on pinning her to the ground.)
  • Spacewalk suit: Feature used for walking throughout space on a lesser scale.
  • Compound Scanner: The Corus unit also has a compound scanner with 6 antennas built into the back of its head.

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