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Brick Jackson talking about the H.M.E.R. in The Steel Foe @ 8:38


Brick Jackson is a field news reporter first seen in Escape To Sherman High.

Episode AppearanceEdit

Brick Jackson is first seen in Escape To Sherman High as he reports on a mysterious meteor that impacted near Sherman, Illinois.

Brick Jackson is later seen in The Steel Foe and is reporting on the rampaging Mutraddi that has gone unchecked in Sherman for three weeks.


In both of Brick Jackson appearances he has worn a suit and carries the around a mic with the letter K on it. It is assumed that he works for a rival news agency to News6 or 5 Action News.


  • Brick Jackson probably works for a large news agency with the letter K in it which may or may not be affiliated with News6 or 5 Action News
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