The Blob Monster is a goo-like monster sent by General Modula to destroy Ilana, Lance, and Octus in Showdown at Sherman High.


Solomon and his G3 team examining Goo Site Showdown at Sherman High

Solomon and his G3 team examining Goo Site Showdown at Sherman High

The Blob Monster first landed on Earth and was confronted by Ilana, Lance, and Octus who formed Titan and defeat the monster leaving a large mess for Solomon and his G3 team to clean-up. Ilana, Lance, and Octus rush to school worried they will be late unaware that they had not defeated the blob monster yet as a small part of it jumped into Ilana's backpack. The blob monster comes back to life by communicate to all the separate blobs and forming one large blob over Sherman High School. It's up to to Ilana to save the Sherman High Cheerleaders, Lance to save the stranded students, and Octus (with the help of Edwin Pisinski) to find a solution to stopping the blob monster.

They later find that sonic vibrations from cell phones destroys the monster(s) and the students work together to defeat the monster.

For a full summary check out Showdown at Sherman High.


The Blob monster can change shape but is made from a goo/rubber like substance that is black with red eyes. The Blob Monster can multiply its self and operate similar to a hive with separate members working toward a common goal.





Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The Monster has the ability to morph itself and change into anything, however, the monster seems to be have weakness towards sonic vibrations.


  • The Bob Monster has a weakness against sonic vibrations

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