Quote1Ah, ah lets not be to hasty.Quote2
Alien Mobster to General Modula in Under the Three Moons @ 01:49

An Alien of unknown species, the Mobster offers General Modula a Alien Beast to destroy the princess in Under the Three Moons.


As Modula stands at the balcony of the Royal Palace overlooking the capital hhe wondering when the peoples resistance will fall. At the same time a shady character, now referred to as the Alien Mobster, walks behinds him and tells Modula his failure is spreading through out the galaxy. Angry Modula demands how he got into the Palace and is about to kill the Alien Mobster until the Alien Mobster offers him deal. Betting his life the Alien Mobster guarantees that the creature he will provide will kill the Princess. Modula interested in the offers and amazed by the speed and ferocity of the Alien Beast accepts.

Titan defeats the Alien beast despite it's superior speed and Modula promptly kills the Alien Mobster.


The Alien Mobster is a short green character with red eyes that wears a classic black mobster overcoat and a classic Fedora (not the Trilby), similar to Al Capone. He also has an organic looking mustache which is probably part of his body.


The Alien Mobster is a shady character with his only intent in making money from the suffers of others. He is also very brave for insulting Modula face to face.


General ModulaEdit

General Modula is the one buying the Alien Beast from the Alien Mobster

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Sneaking into the Royal Palace


  • The Alien Mobster confirms that multiple planets exist besides Galaluna, Earth and Mutraad.
  • He is probably the only non-Mutraddi character seen in the series.

Gallery Edit

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