The thirteenth monster sent to Earth to destroy the princess.


It is not an actual Mutraddi, but it is amazingly fast and looks somewhat like a dog. It was owned by an Alien Mobster who swore to General Modula that it would kill the princess. After catching Modula's interest by defeating a Mutraddi, it was sent through the Rift Gate to Earth. When it engaged Titan on a wind farm, it nearly beat Titan because of Ilana and Octus having guilt about abandoning their friends and the homecoming dance. Their guilt made Titan concentrate to fight the monster less easy, causing Titan to not perform very well, but Lance had no concern for either of their personal feelings, which frustrated them both so much, it had the side effect of enabling Titan to beat the monster to a pulp.


The alien beast seems to be based on a shrew, rat or similar small mammal, with an overdeveloped upper body. It stands on six legs, each sporting sizable talons, whiles its nearly neckless head is dominated by a wide maw filled with jagged, mammalian teeth. It possesses minimal ears, but a developed nose and two sets of crimson eyes. It sports a jagged club at the end of its short tail, while its hairless skin seems to be covered in scars, suggestive of its violent nature.

The beast is noticeably smaller than other monsters or the Titan itself, favoring speed and ferocity over brute strength.


The alien beast is a berserker, known for suddenly springing into a series of vicious, merciless attacks until the enemy is dead.



Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The beast's only notable abilities are its speed and array of natural weapons, which it uses to tear apart enemies before they can lay a hand on it.



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