"A New Beginning" is the twentieth episode of Sym-Bionic Titan. It debuted on April 9, 2011. It is the final episode of the series due to cancellation.

Overview Edit

General Steel launches an all-out assault on G3's mobile airship base with his new Hammer robot, and it's up to Lance and Ilana to stop it. The battle is soon interrupted when three Mutraddi monsters attack three parts of the world simultaneously. During the battle, the mysterious and shadowed leader of G3 successfully reboots Octus. Overjoyed to have their dearest friend and "father" back, they reform Sym-bionic Titan; defeating all three monsters with ease. At the end of the day, the trio search for G3, who have disappeared, apparently gone into hiding. Soon after, Octus sends Kimmy a text that he will be home soon which brings tears to her eyes, as they head back to Sherman.


The episode opens with Kimmy, Meat, and Kimmy's friends coming to the Lunis household to see if Lance and Ilana have returned. The number of newspapers and mail scattered in front of the house gives a hard negative. After Barb tells the teens that the trio disappeared without a word, Kimmy begins to regret breaking up with Newton, thinking her request to never see him again made them leave, or worse. Her friends try to reassure her.

Julius Steel in A New Beginning

Julius Steel approaching the G3 flagship

Meanwhile, Lance and Ilana arrive at the G3 flagship. Solomon provides them with spacious quarters and clothing, while G3 scientists examine Octus. However, they are unable to reactivate him, and Lance and Ilana lose all hope of ever seeing him again. Meanwhile, General Steel and the Hammer attack the flagship and a full scale battle ensues. Lance and Ilana engage the Air Force, allowing the pilots to eject before destroying the fighters. As Army paratroopers and the H.M.E.R. land on the upper deck of the flagship and engage the G3 Stormtroopers, Ilana is horrified at how humans are so willing to kill each other.

Suddenly, three Mutraddi come through the rift gate. One lands in Sherman, another one lands in San Francisco, and third lands in Paris. Convincing Steel to set aside the battle for the good of humanity, G3 attacks the one in Paris, the H.M.E.R. attacks the one in San Francisco, and Lance and Ilana attack the third in Sherman. Meanwhile, back on the G3 ship a mysterious cyborg starts to examine Octus and, utilizing secret functions built into Octus' outer shell, starts to take him apart. Back in Sherman, Lance and Ilana suffer the same setbacks that they faced against the last monster: their armor just isn't powerful enough, they can't defeat the Mutraddi. Out of the blue, Octus comes back and they have a two second reunion before they form Titan.

In San Francisco, General Steel believes he has defeated the creature after he takes it by surprise and then uses the H.M.E.R.'s primary weapon on it, which already vaporized another Mutraddi monster. This monster, however, proves to be more resilient, and rips the H.M.E.R.'s arms off before beginning to crush it. Steel desperately fires all the H.M.E.R.'s ordnance, but only succeeds in destroying most of San Francisco in front of the world news.

In Paris, the third monster is easily dispatching what remained of G3's air corp., and the spaceship's wave-motion cannon is ineffective. Just as Solomon is about to give up, Titan shows up, and easily kills it. Solomon stares in shock, then smiles.

In San Francisco, the H.M.E.R. has been torn to pieces. Steel crawls out of the rubble, and fires his pistol at the monster in desperate rage. Just as it is about to step on him, the Titan suddenly slices it in half, drenching Steel in its blood. As the world praises the Titan, Steel grudgingly offers his thanks on the news, and then stalks off: he still sees the Titan as a threat, but no one takes him seriously anymore.

In the sky, the Titan arrives at the spot where the G3 HQ was stationed, only to find it vanished without a trace. Ilana asks if they can go home: she misses her bed. Newton (his face has replaced his core as his Heads-up in the link) asks where they have been. Lance promises to tell him later.

Back in Sherman, Kimmy is talking to her friends, when she gets a text from Newton. A few happy tears fall from her eyes.


  • A New Beginning was originally known as a Hero's Return but was changed by Cartoon Network.
  • The U.S Flag patch on the soldiers, Lance & Ilana's uniforms are worn with the stars facing toward the soldier, this is not backwards but the proper way to wear the flag symbol.
  • We learn that G3's budget is higher then the military
  • Steel and his robot caused more damage than the 3 Mutraddi Monsters.
  • Many of people are really hoping Cartoon Network will give Sym-Bionic Titan another season and that the show could possibly continue. Here is a link to give your support
  • Since the series got cancelled it has made this episode an unofficial series finale.
  • At the end of the episode when it shows Lance and Ilana inside Titan, it shows Newton's head smiling. Although it usually shows Octus' core.
  • At Comic Con 2012, Genndy Tartakovsky, the show's creator, said that there may be a small chance of the show resuming production.
  • This is one of the few episodes that has an extra credit slide dedicated to "voice talent"; the other being Under the Three Moons.


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