"A Family Crisis" is the eighteenth episode of Sym-Bionic Titan. It debuted on March 26, 2011.

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Solomon and his team land at a heavily damaged space station when they are attacked by a burst of energy. Meanwhile, Octus is thrown a surprise birthday party by Lance and Ilana. During the party, Octus receives a distressing call from Solomon that requires Titan's immediate assistance. Titan arrives at the space station and are able to survive one encounter with the creature thanks to Solomon. He explains it is a creature made of pure lightning-like electrical energy and when it drains the energy of something, it cannot be recharged again. As they flee from the creature, Octus is hit by the creature in his leg, and cannot fix it. The gang then decide to contain the creature instead of destroying it. Lance and Solomon head towards the creature while Octus and Ilana hide. They manage to trap the creature temporarily, until Solomon's ship arrives. All of them escape, except for Lance due to the cable breaking. Octus saves him but is drained by the creature. When they try to recharge his mainframe it fails, and a strongly infuriated and heartbroken Lance uses Solomon's ship to destroy the station and the extraterrestrial creature within.


On a space station in Saturn's orbit, Solomon leads a G3 assault team through darkened hallways. Suddenly, they come upon a wounded G3 trooper lying amongst a group of dead ones. Solomon questions him about what happened, but the trooper is only able to utter one word before a mysterious creature attacks them: "energy".

Back on Earth, Dad/Octus checks the mail and comes into the house. Not seeing Lance or Ilana anywhere, he begins scanning the house. he finally discovers them in his bedroom, and he rushes up to see what is going on.

Upon opening his door, he in confronted... by Lance and Ilana shouting "Surprise!" while holding a Birthday cake. Octus is confused, until Ilana explains that, as it's been about a year since he was "activated... turned on?" they decided to throw him a birthday party. Octus is confused by the human practice of wishing on the birthday candles. Lance and Ilana then give him presents: Ilana gives him a pair of fuzzy slippers, while Lance gives him a pair of cool sunglasses. They both tell him in their own words how much he has come to mean to them over the course of their time on Earth.

Octus then picks up a call for help from Solomon. Lance dismisses it right away, and is dismayed when Octus and Ilana think they should help him, even though they agree that Solomon has been nothing but trouble. Forming Titan, they blast off.

Upon arrival at the station, they disengage Titan, and Lance and Ilana revert their armor to "spacewalk mode": a skin-fitting bodysuit with attached air helmet. Journeying through the station, they encounter the G3 bodies before they are attacked by a mysterious creature. Lance and Ilana go full armor, and attack it, only to discover their weapons stop functioning once the creature touches them. Just as it is about to hit Octus, Solomon shoves him to safety, and all four make a run for it after Lance brings down the ceiling.

Solomon guides them to an elevator shaft, and tells them that the creature absorbs energy, and whatever it absorbs remains permanently dead. Ilana and Lance are immediately concerned for Octus' safety.

As they run through the corridors, Lance has a flashback: at school, Newton informs Lance that a girl named Agnes has texted her friends that she is going to ask Lance out. Agnes, a small, rather dorky one, comes up to Lance and asks him if he'd want to go to a movie with her and her friends. Lance tries to get out of it, saying he and Newton have plans for the night, but it is undone when Newton, not realizing Lance is lying, asks what they are doing. Back in the present, Lance confronts Solomon about why he asked them to come if he knew about the creature. Solomon confesses he thought that Titan's weapons would have more of an effect. He then tells them to leave him behind, much to Ilana's shock. Octus reports that Solomon is running out of air as Solomon passes out. While Octus recharges his respirator, Ilana asks Lance if she can have a word.

Isolated from Octus' comm circuit, she reveals her fears for his safety. Lance asks if she's willing to leave Solomon behind, to which she replies that she won't sacrifice one life for another. Lance promises her that they'll both protect him, like he's protected them. Her hopes restored, the two return just as Solomon is revived. After giving his thanks, he again tells them to go. Octus replies negatively, using Lance and Ilana's exact words, revealing that he heard them.

Suddenly, the creature attacks again, and they are forced to run.

In another flashback, Ilana lies in bed, coughing, her face drawn and her hair mussed. She wakes up to find Dad/Octus standing over her, looking concerned. He reports that she is very sick, and he has been watching her all night. Ilana denies this, and tries to get out of bed, but she is overcome and collapses in Octus's arms. Laying her back in bed, Octus tells her that he will sit with her until she gets better, before producing a holographic fire form his chest, realistic enough that Ilana can actually feel the heat. She drifts back to sleep.

Back in the present, the creature has caught up with them, and, as Octus is the most powerful energy source, is attacking him. Lance uses the Manus Axe to cut a hole in the wall, allowing them to escape. Octus catches up with them and encases the three humans in his bubble mode, allowing for greater speed. The creature races after them and is catching up fast as they hurtle towards a wall.

In another flashback, we see Lance and Newton standing on the edge of a cliff as Ilana sets up a camera, to take a holiday picture to send to their friends, to which Lance replies "what friends?" As she poses the two, Octus generates his "dad" form, in order to fill out the picture, Ilana has him step back...upon which he falls off the edge. Ilana and Lance rush to the edge, only for Octus to hover back up just as the camera snaps, much to the trio's amusement.

Back on the station, Octus veers right as he disengages a chuck of himself, energized, left. The creature goes after the chunk, but brushes Octus, forcing him to disengage. Dumping the humans on the floor. Upon recovering themselves, they see Newton sprawled in the hallway, with his right leg revealed in robot form, completely drained. As the creature feeds on the chunk, the four quickly escape.

In the station kitchen, Solomon, Lance, and Ilana look on as Octus tries to recharge his foot, but to no avail. The four try to come up with a way to stop the creature. As the station moves into sunlight, a beam reflects off a metal pan into a glass jar, where it is contained. This gives Lance an idea: rather than destroy the creature, why not try to catch it instead. Octus agrees, and, using a molecular furnace and a few metal spoons and spatulas from around the kitchen, manages to construct a set of hand-mounted conductors that will create a barrier from which the creature can't escape. Lance and Solomon agree to go after the creature, while Ilana and Octus hide inside the station's freezer, the insulation blocking Octus' energy signature. Ilana looks worried, but Octus gives her and Lance both hope for success.

As Lance and Solomon supercharge another chunk of Octus to attract the creature, Ilana hides with Octus. When Octus tells her that he knows the Titan is at risk, she emotionally replies that it's more than that: with everything that has happened, Octus has become part of her family. Octus thanks her, telling her that, no matter what happens, she will find a way to save Galaluna. Suddenly, weapons fire starts hitting the door.

Out at the trap, Solomon asks Lance what he would do if Octus was lost. Lance replies that he won't let it happen, so it's irrelevant. Solomon then thanks Lance for coming to save him. He promises to help them if there's anything they need. Suddenly, the creature appears. As it consumes the chunk of Octus, the two suddenly spring the trap. As it appears to be working, machine gun fire suddenly tears the roof off, and the G3 starship appears. Leaving the creature in the trap, the two attempt to make their escape: Ilana and Octus are already on board.

Suddenly, the creature sends the weapons fire back at the ship, cutting Lance's rope, sending him crashing back to the floor. Without hesitating, Octus jumps back down to help him. Just as he grabs Lance, the creature strikes, leaving Lance and Ilana staring in horror, unable to act. Octus' computer core thuds to the ground, as the creature, supercharged, loses interest in them. Lance grabs the core, and Solomon pulls him back up to the ship.

Inside the ship, Solomon attempts to reactivate Octus with the ship's Galalunian systems, but it is no good. Lance, in a mournful rage, rushes onto the bridge, throwing the weapons officer away from his station, and unleashing the full power of the vessel. As Ilana and Solomon watch in horror, Lance tears into the station with the ship's guns, lasers, and missiles, completely annihilating it and the creature. Afterwards, as Lance shudders with sadness and rage and Ilana weeps, Solomon can only offer his sad apology.

Back in the lab, Octus's dead core gazes into infinity.





  • The Spacesuits worn by the G3 personnel are based on those worn by the crew of the Discovery in 2001: A Space Odyssey.
  • When Octus is hit by the Electric Entity he turns into his human form Newton instead of his original form, this suggest he is becoming more human then robot.


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